Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Golden Birthday!

The Golden Birthday!

Hudson turned 5 on March 5 and I learned that this is called the “golden birthday”.

We had a fun weekend planned in Nairobi. We stayed with Uncle Marv and Aunt Jan. Hudson requested a lemon birthday cake and of course Jan was able to make his wish come true with a tasty lemon sponge birthday cake complete with sprinkles.

We also met up with some new friends the Simons who work in Nairobi with DOOR (Deaf Opportunity Outreach Ministries). Jeremy’s grandma goes to our church back home and helped get us connected. We also realized Whitney went to NSU where Vanessa went to college and even knew Kyle’s sister and husband! They have 2 absolutely adorable and fun boys that are ages 5 and 3. We went to a water park that cost a whopping $4.00 to get in. It was the best playdate I’ve had in ages! We were able to visit as adults and the kids played so well in the kiddie pool complete with slides!

We also had a neighborhood party! The kids have been waiting for it for it seems like forever. I guess Hudson mentioned it about a month before his birthday. My friend came over and we made an enormous batch of popcorn and 1 cake to feed about 25 kids. We had relay races that made everyone smile. We also learned personally why there is the phrase “Dance like you have ants in your pants”! Apparently after it rains here the ants surface and they all decided to migrate to our backyard. Before we knew it everyone was jumping around like little monkeys trying to get the ants out of their pants!

We had special packages from Kelly and Marlene with birthday goodies for Hudson and party supplies. Thanks! It was a splendid week of celebration!

FYI - for those interested in sending letters or packages to us in Kenya, there is a note on both our facebook pages with detailed instructions on how to send packages, but this in our address~

Our address:

Dr. Kyle Jones

Kapsowar Hospital


Kapsowar 30705

Kenya, East Africa


Em said...

I love the update on the birthday! The boys look so happy in the pics. It sounds like fun! Thanks for the address, too!

NHP said...

Yea!!! Happy Birthday Hudson.
Love the picture of you Vanessa with your three boys ~ precious!
Five big spankins to you... see why do Americans do this tradition?!

Mom Denise said...

read the blog on my phone and had to rush down to the library to see the pictures. so cool. Hard to believe Hudson is five!I am so happy that it was a fun day for all.

Anonymous said...

So Ironically I mentioned Jeremy and Whitney before you left and had hopes that you all would meet! What a wonderful God we have that only he can orchestrate an awesome meeting between 4 of my closest friends in another country. God is AWESOME!!! Many hugs to you all and may God truly bless everything you all say and do. Praying for you all often and miss you greatly!
Renfro Family