Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glimpses of God’s Goodness

Valentine’s Day

Kyle and I were able to go on a date for Valentine’s Day. There are 3 single girls serving here for a couple of months and they offered to babysit. I had pure confidence in their abilities to care for all 3 of my boys. We were so excited! We got on a matatu or what we call a taxi and headed out of town. Matatus are an adventure in themselves. Their max capacity is 14 and the average number of passengers is 30. There are people on the roof tops and hanging out the back. It is quite a sight. They make frequent, random stops. As I was sitting peacefully, enjoying not having responsibility for anyone... the driver made a stop and came back with a squawking chicken flapping it’s wings and placed it directly under my feet. I provided much entertainment as I screamed and jumped from my seat while the Kenyans laughed at such a sight. It stayed there the entire 2 hour drive. We went to Iten, which is a high altitude training center for gifted runners. We live nearby where many famous Kenyan Olympic runners train. We had a lovely meal of rice and beans. Then we went to the Keiro Valley resort to see the absolutely breathtaking view and have 2 cokes and Crepes Suzette. We made it home safely to our 3 beautiful children with a renewed love for one another. Thanks Amber, Kristen and Ariella!

David and his sling shot

Since we arrived there has been a one-eyed cat that seems to hang around our house. The other day I realized she was a mommy. I saw her 2 little kittens and felt sorry for her. I decided to give her the carcass of the chicken I had cooked the previous night. Within 1 minute (literally) there was a hawk swooping down to fight for lunch. One-eyed Willamina stayed firm and kept eating. My friend Mary came to see what was going on and before I knew it she said, “Get the children inside!” A huge bird called out and swooped down as the cat and hawk fled away. A few days later, Ben, a.k.a. David, killed this Montagious Harrier with one stone and his sling shot. Yep that’s right, David lives in my neighborhood. Apparently these birds kill small hens, cats and even poke people’s eyes out. What a sight! My boys were very impressed!

Sacrificial Giving

Lastly, before we left Oklahoma we gave many of our baby things to Matt and Lindsey King who are entering the journey of foster care. I asked Hudson if he would want to give his bike away. He began to cry, big alligator tears. He said, “I just love my bike. It is so fun and it’s the coolest bike I’ve ever seen”. My mommy heart wanted to protect him from any further sacrifice. He was already sacrificing so much by leaving all of his family and friends and many of his toys. I told him he didn’t have to. We could let Grammy keep it safe for him until we got back. He then proceeded to say thru his tears, “No, if a kid doesn’t have any bike I would like them to have mine.” We gave it to the Kings happily. So last week Shadrach, the station manager, said I have something for you. We went to a storage shed and to our great surprise it was a “BMX Cool Bike”! A young girl, Cara, who lived here before us made a similar sacrifice for Hudson. She knew he was coming and left him her bike! What a lesson in obedience. And what a lesson in the beauty of a child’s heart. I am constantly reminded of God’s goodness and care for the details of our life.

Keep praying for our work here in Kenya!


Dana said...

Just precious! Wow, how your life has changed in just a few short months!

Alecia said...

Man...you all are havin' some fun!!! I LOVE how the Lord honored Huddy's sacrifice! He is soooo good :-) I'm amazed at Hudsons maturity level...many adults can't see it the way he saw that situation...what a sweet and tender heart he has. Love the pic of Jude wearing the bird! LOL

Amanda said...

Such good stories!!! I love you!!! Did you eat the hawk?

Travis and Marlene said...

Wow! how fun to read this and see the pictures of all of you! Hudson, I am so happy to hear how God has provided the bike for you after you gave yours away - isn't God good?! Jude, watch out for those big birds! Goodness! Sweet pic of Isaac and daddy!
Love, Mom

NHP said...

Loved the update... as usual, I both laughed out loud and cried!
Glad you were able to get some time alone as well, good renewal. Someday post some pics of your home, the rooms, outside, etc.
You all are doing a great job serving God's people!!!

Love you all,

Rhology said...

Love the updates, as you can.

May the Lord richly bless all of you.

Merle said...

Hudson's story touched my heart today - what a beautiful example of how God takes care of us when we give to Him. Much love to all of you!

Nana said...

I have tried to send you messages on facebook 2 times but they come back. anyway, I have Grandma @ the library with me. I read your blog last night on tmy phone. We miss you all very much and do so enjoy hearing about your adventures. My heart and eyes welled up about the bike story. Hudson is truly a gentle sweet young man. I have given infor to many pople how to access your blog. Becky included, she especailly like the when in Africa. this is our last week for radiation. Next we heal and I have found a nose maker in okc. that we will visit soon.
Grandma sends her love as do I to all of you. Hugs and kisses to all.
Ps Isaac is still as handsome as ever just like his brothers!

Unknown said...

I am so moved by your ministry and sacrifice. I am crying tears of joy to see how God is using even your children to bring Him Glory! Children thinking of others before themselves is so precious in His sight. Thanks so much for shareing these stories. Your being used by God even to us in Tulsa.

Unknown said...

The adventure continues!!! God is good!!!

Shannon Pierce said...

How fun. Although I am sure things can be hard and challenging, of course God still provides fun and exciting adventures. We miss you guys. Lani was in a wedding this weekend in Tulsa and we drove down Brookside and I got really sad but we are so excited for you. Love you. Can you skype? I tried to find your skype number but I couldn't. If you can, tell me when to try to call.