Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Spiritual Secrets of Hudson Travis

~About 1 month after our neighbor died we were playing in the backyard and Hudson exclaimed,

"I can't wait to see Nora's body!"
Explanation: When I told him she died I said that God was going to give her a new, strong, healthy body.

~On 4th of July we were at a swim party with some of Kyle's colleagues. We walked in the house and Hudson saw a crowd around one of his "grown up" friends, Andrew.

Hudson said, "What's wrong with Andrew?"
Vanessa said, "He hurt his toe."
Hudson said, "Well, I will pray for him."
He proceeded to walk up to Andrew and put his chubby little hand on Andrew's ankle and prayed,

"Dear Jesus, Thank you Lord for Andrew. Thank you Lord for Andrew's toe. Please help him feel better real soon. Amen."

Explanation: Because this was a "doctor party" they had everything to perform a minor surgery on Andrew's toe. He had fallen on a rock and his toenail was about to fall off.

~On the way home one evening after Bible study, I was trying to make some conversation with Hudson.

Vanessa:"Hudson, you know what?"
Hudson: "What mom?"
Vanessa: "Every time we say a prayer God catches it in a big, golden bowl. And saves it forever! Do you want to try?"
Hudson: "No mom, it's really dark outside and He won't be able to see. Can we try it when the sun wakes up?"
Vanessa: "Sure."

Explanation: In the book of Revelation it speaks of God collecting all the prayers, praises and tears of the saints in golden bowls and upon the day of His return they will be poured out as an offering! Sure inspires me to keep praying, even when it feels like no one is listening.

~One afternoon I was trying to finish my Bible study (I had waited until the day of the Bible study to finish the last 3 days of homework.) The kids were crawling all over me and trying really hard to get my undivided attention.

So I finally gave in and took Hudson's hand and started writing on his hand. I wrote, "Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Papa, Jonah, and Anna"
Hudson: "Mommy, why did you color on my hand?"
Vanessa: "Did you know that when you ask Jesus to come into your heart and decide to follow Him he writes your name on His hand? But when He writes it on His hand it will never, ever, ever be erased? So Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Papa, Jonah and Anna have all decided to ask Jesus in their hearts and our names our on His hand."
Hudson: "But mom I want Jesus to live in my heart. How can He live in everybody's heart if I want Him to live in mine?"
Vanessa: "Let's ask your dad when he gets home."

~Last funny story...
Hudson was sick today. He really has an amazing warning sense before he's going to throw up. I never have to clean up the mess. I think it's the one good thing about me being so sick when I'm pregnant. He watched me run to the bathroom every time.

Anyway, today he started to feel better and had some food. He asked for another cheese stick. I told him no, too many cheese sticks might make his tummy upset. He started laughing so hard.
Hudson: "Mommy, tummy's don't get upset. Tummy's can't cry!"

Ahhh...these are the days! I treasure these moments that I get to spend with my sweet boys as they grow and ask good questions. Questions that cause me to grow in my faith and really just make me smile a whole lot.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally a post from Vanessa

I know, I know it's been forever since I've posted. There are a few of you faithful bloggers and friends who check in hopes that I haven't given up on the blog world. But to tell you the truth life outside of being on global expeditions just doesn't seem as exciting to write about. But here I go anyway.

Life since our return has been a whirlwind to say the least. We hit the road running the day we got back. I think we're just now coming up for air. There have been some family trials...the main one being my sister being diagnosed with breast cancer. She has two children. She is one of the most courageous women I know. Please remember her in your prayers. Another trial and celebration is that my sweet neighbor, Nora went to be with the Lord. She would have been 104 years old on July 27. I sure miss seeing her out working in her garden and sneaking cookies to Hudson through the fence. What a sweet life she lived. Hudson so wants her to come home. What a lesson to learn at the tender age of 3. He's so honest. When we told him about her death, he fought back the tears and sweetly said, "But I will miss her." We told him that we could see her in heaven someday, and that she was with Jesus. He replied, "I just want her to come home."

We just finished what In His Image calls a "retreat". Since Kyle is the chief and I am his wife we had a lot of responsibility. There was much preparation and work involved for us this year. But I think this year is going to be full of the Lord's blessings. Kyle is such a gifted leader and truly pours out everything in himself with the tasks at hand. He received 3rd place for his research! We had a wonderful ladies brunch that I helped plan. Our featured speaker was a sweet lady that is a missionary with 6 children. She truly blessed us with her transparency and encouragement.

We genuinely miss Kenya. What a sweet time we had serving the Lord. I found myself taking walks just to meet people. But it wasn't the same. People here are busy and on a mission of their own. They don't have the time to stop and talk. For example, my car alarm was going off one day. Some sort of malfunction. I couldn't get it to stop or even get my car started. I had both my boys with me on a hot summer day. I found people staring ugly stares at me. I was totally disrupting and annoying them. No one offered to help. I remember in Kenya when we got a flat tire...there were at least 5 people there assisting us with changing the tire. Sure we were white folk and received lots of attention wherever we went. But how often do we see someone here from another culture in need and turn the other way. It was a lesson for me as well as a reminder of the appreciation and love I have for the people of Kenya.

Well we are in the process of planning our next mission trip overseas for February. So my posts will again be adventurous an exciting. Stay tuned. Until then keep checking and I'll try and keep you up with the Jones'.