Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What will bring them home?

My dear friend Abbie has an incredible heart that inspires me. She asked me to write something for her blog encouraging moms in the trenches.
Here is a link to what I wrote.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Where have we been?

We are still here in the same place...same beautiful village!

I decided to mosey on over to our blog this morning only to realize it has been almost a year since we have made a peep. And that there is no mention of the website that was created to highlight the ministry we have in the valley among the pokot tribe.  I very much desire to update this blog on our family life here. It's hard to believe it has now been 6 years since we journeyed to Africa to make Kapsowar, Kenya our "home"! And what a lovely adventure it has been following Jesus here. We can't thank you enough for the love, encouragement and support you all have so graciously given us these years. We are humbly grateful. 
So here's to a new year full of hope that I can document better this beautiful life we live and keep you better "in the loop". Here's to a new year full of passion for the kingdom of God to increase as we each faithfully follow the Lord wherever that leads.
Here is a link to the ministry in the valley (there is a school there now)!

The Lodengo women's choir singing in celebration for the school opening!

Hudson (10) with his loyal pal "Roo"!
Ariella Grace Jepkemoi (4) radiating the kindness and joy of the Lord!
Hudson (10) & Jude (8) on one of their many daily adventures!
Isaac (6) a friend to all! Creating laughter always!