Monday, May 10, 2010

Shambas and Snapshots

Many of my closest girlfriends have started their own "shambas" or gardens, so I thought I would share a few photos of ours here in Kenya. It's a little primitive, but we have the perfect weather for optimal growth.
Moses, our friend, and one of the groundskeepers here on the missionary compound has been showing us the ropes. Hudson loves helping work the "fields".
What an opportunity to share many Biblical truths with Hudson as we talk about the harvest of souls and our role here in Kenya to tend to God's garden.
The Lord has definitely planted many seeds here in Kapsowar that need some watering and tending to.
So Hudson has started his own little ministry. He takes his Spidey backpack full of art supplies, stickers, paints, etc. and goes up to the children's ward all by himself to make friends and spread some joy to those that are suffering. Some who are just suffering from "boredom" as they wait for their parent's to raise enough money for the hospital bill so that they can go home. He really loves his afternoons at the hospital.
Some other good news is that we received the diaper grant from "Cotton babies"! We received 17 of the best cloth diapers on the market- Bum genius. They are so cute and actually pretty "user friendly". They wash up nicely. Which is always a bonus since we do our laundry in the bathtub. Isaac has been working on his Swahili as well.
We also celebrated Kyle's 31st birthday! He was on call, but a Kenyan medical officer covered his shift for 4 hours so we could have a date. And some medical students from Hong Kong watched the boys. We went to the Kerio Valley View restaurant again in Iten. It was nice to get away and have a peaceful dinner. Here is Kyle with his other date.
So here are a few snapshots into our lives here in Kenya. We covet your prayers. Days can be long and hard for everyone, but we trust and hope in the Lord. He is doing a good work here and in our hearts as well.