Sunday, April 25, 2010


The past few weeks have been filled with all sorts of first times for us. For one, I got to meet and shake hands with the Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga. He was here at the hospital because he donated us a new hospital ambulance. It was a big event around this small village. He flew in on his helicopter landing on the local school soccer field then drove over for his 45 minute ceremony which included lots of speeches from different people. Then he flew off. If you know anything about Kenyan politics he was the man that 2 years ago during the election sparked a string of rioting in Kenya. They now share the leadership with an acting President and Prime Minister. It keeps things interesting around here, but fortunately the violence has calmed down. It reminded us to pray for the leadership of this country and for peace. Right now they are debating the issue of abortion in Kenya which is currently illegal, but still done in secret. Pray that they will continue to protect life here.
The next first involves the new vehicle that God has allowed us to purchase. We are excited about using it in so many ways. The first few days we had it we enjoyed exploring the community around us. Many of the roads are like narrow mountain roads so it is good we have 4 wheel drive.
We drove down to the river and found a nice spot to have a family picnic. Of course, it was a quintessential missionary picnic because we were joined by several cows who were coming to get a drink and eat the grass by the river.
Plus we also got lots of stares from the local farmers passing by who probably had never seen crazy white people eating on the ground with blankets. The boys had a blast.
We are excited to use the vehicle for our first community health outreach on May 11th and look forward to using it for God's glory. Thank you to all those who have helped with the purchase of the vehicle.
Finally, yesterday we got to attend our first Kenyan wedding or should I say weddings. It started in the morning when one of my Kenyan friends asked to borrow our car. I said let me come with you. We went to a house where immediately people started putting flowers and ribbons all over my car. About an hour later the bride, maid of honor and several others came and got in the car. We took them to the church about 10 miles away. Then I had to hurry back to make it to the other wedding that we had committed to go to. I made it just in time for them to ask me to do the closing prayer. I have learned I have to be ready for anything here. The wedding lasted all day and it was quite an experience with the whole community there. We were reminded of how amazing it is to see how each culture celebrates weddings differently and how beautiful the people are whom we came to serve.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Blessings

Praise the Lord! We hope every one of you had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had a great time here in Kapsowar. On Friday Kyle had the chance to do a little devotion for the Pediatric Ward and shared about the cross in Mark 15. He emphasized the curtain that was torn from top to bottom in the temple and how it represents God's desire for us to have our sins forgiven by Christ's death on the cross and come to have relationship with Him. He asked if anyone would like to begin a relationship with Christ to talk with him and 3 people expressed their desire to know Christ. "Mama Ian" accepted the Lord and "Mama and Baba (dad) Evans rededicated their lives to the Lord. It was great to then be able to offer them a Bible in their own tribal language.
On Easter Sunday we started out with doing a little Sunday School for the kids in the hospital. We had a time of singing and Hudson sang a solo of his favorite song "I have decided to follow Jesus." Kyle shared a special Bible story from a kid's book called "Clip and Tell Bible stories" which talked about the Cross and the Empty Tomb. Then the kids watched a video about Jesus. Everyone loved it. Then we went to our church and Kyle was met by one of the church elders who told him that their guest speaker could not make it and asked if he could fill in. He felt like God had really prepared him with a message to share and he really enjoyed it. It was so wonderful to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with the Kenyans.
We enjoyed a wonderful Kenyan lunch with one of Vanessa's friends in her home. Hudson and her son Brian had a fun time playing together. She is a single mom and doing the best she can to support herself and her son. We are planning to help her go back to a cosmetology school so she can get a special trade doing hair designs which are very popular for African women on special occasions. One of the girls that lives near us has even started coming around asking to braid Vanessa's hair. I'd say she looks pretty good in all braids.
Later that evening we enjoyed a special dinner among the fellow missionaries here on station. We even had a turkey which was a real treat. We also got some plastic Easter eggs filled with candy to hide for the kids. We all had a blast. Then we had our weekly Bible study which was amazing. We talked about how Jesus as the Messiah really was all throughout the Old Testament. Take some time and look at the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22, Psalm 22, and Isaiah 53. Our hearts were encouraged as we remembered our precious Savior.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Things

So I will be honest and share with you I had a bad day. Yes, it was bound to happen. Nothing specifically bad happened. I just was missing the "little things" of home. I kept thinking how I missed our:

Our families. Our friends. Fridays with Leah. Spontaneous lunches with Kelly. Cousin's birthday parties. Worshipping at Tulsa Bible Church. The nursery and Sunday school at TBC. Victory Mom's Day Out. Did I mention our family and friends? I could almost taste a Sonic Cherry Limeade. Being able to call Kyle on the way home and say, "It's been a hard day. Could you stop and bring something home for dinner?". Getting in a car and going to Wal-Mart when I run out of something. Hot water. Consistent electricity. Knowing that all those I loved I could reach by phone anytime. Or better yet just a short drive away. Dates with Kyle and the list could go on.

So then I remembered the "little things" I love here:

The beauty I see of God's creation from every window of my house. Watching my kids' imaginations flourish as they learn to live with minimum. Watching my kids' make friends in a culture that finds joy even in the midst of great poverty. Afternoons with Edna as we laugh together and share openly and honestly the deeper things of the heart. Getting to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with Kyle everyday. Sending Hudson off to the hospital all by himself to be dad's big "assistant". Worshiping our Lord together with another tribe and tongue. Smiles from Kenyans you can see miles away. Walking up the path to buy a dozen fresh eggs. Walking a little further to buy fresh fruits. Mangos (I think of Shannon and Marlene everytime I eat one. I wish I could share one with you right now!) The elderly guy who knocks on my door and brings me fresh lemons and grapefruits straight from his "shamba" (garden) for only 2 shillings a piece. Seeing a new exotic bird everyday. Seeing the local children play outside my door making windmills out of twigs and leaves. The laughter and joy that is always present in their faces. Hearing God's miracles and handiwork from Kyle every evening as he shares about his day at the hospital. Knowing without a doubt that this is exactly where God wants my family and I to be. And all of these little things I love helped me to treasure the rest of my day and enjoy the Lord's goodness to me back at home in Oklahoma as well as my new home here in Kapsowar.