Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Blessings

Praise the Lord! We hope every one of you had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had a great time here in Kapsowar. On Friday Kyle had the chance to do a little devotion for the Pediatric Ward and shared about the cross in Mark 15. He emphasized the curtain that was torn from top to bottom in the temple and how it represents God's desire for us to have our sins forgiven by Christ's death on the cross and come to have relationship with Him. He asked if anyone would like to begin a relationship with Christ to talk with him and 3 people expressed their desire to know Christ. "Mama Ian" accepted the Lord and "Mama and Baba (dad) Evans rededicated their lives to the Lord. It was great to then be able to offer them a Bible in their own tribal language.
On Easter Sunday we started out with doing a little Sunday School for the kids in the hospital. We had a time of singing and Hudson sang a solo of his favorite song "I have decided to follow Jesus." Kyle shared a special Bible story from a kid's book called "Clip and Tell Bible stories" which talked about the Cross and the Empty Tomb. Then the kids watched a video about Jesus. Everyone loved it. Then we went to our church and Kyle was met by one of the church elders who told him that their guest speaker could not make it and asked if he could fill in. He felt like God had really prepared him with a message to share and he really enjoyed it. It was so wonderful to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with the Kenyans.
We enjoyed a wonderful Kenyan lunch with one of Vanessa's friends in her home. Hudson and her son Brian had a fun time playing together. She is a single mom and doing the best she can to support herself and her son. We are planning to help her go back to a cosmetology school so she can get a special trade doing hair designs which are very popular for African women on special occasions. One of the girls that lives near us has even started coming around asking to braid Vanessa's hair. I'd say she looks pretty good in all braids.
Later that evening we enjoyed a special dinner among the fellow missionaries here on station. We even had a turkey which was a real treat. We also got some plastic Easter eggs filled with candy to hide for the kids. We all had a blast. Then we had our weekly Bible study which was amazing. We talked about how Jesus as the Messiah really was all throughout the Old Testament. Take some time and look at the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22, Psalm 22, and Isaiah 53. Our hearts were encouraged as we remembered our precious Savior.


NHP said...

Happy Easter friends! I am glad the Lord used Kyle to fill in as a speaker, what a great opportunity!
We had a great Easter as well... www.perrymanadoption.com/blog

Love you all,

Chloƫ said...

Mrs. Jones,

I know your birthday is coming up and I just wanted you wish you a happy birthday! I hope it's a very special and memoriable day. =)

I'm so glad to hear that things are going well in Kenya! We had a great Easter too! It's so exciting to hear that people are coming to Christ! I love hearing all the updates!!!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and miss you guys. May you have a blessed birthday!

Love and hugs,