Saturday, November 7, 2009

Desires of the Heart

Where we've been...
Kyle went to a conference in Florida called ECHO for a week. It's purpose is to help fight world hunger. He left feeling inspired and more equipped for our work in Kenya. Lord conquer the world that lives in a strong cycle of poverty. May they come to know You and know what it means to never hunger or thirst again.

We then had our annual missions conference where we were featured missionaries. Kyle and I were able to host a "Meet the Missionary" room. We were able to speak about our passion for the work we will be doing in Kenya. I'm so thankful to attend a church that longs to spread the Gospel to all nations. Lord may we proclaim the message of your truth until representatives from every, tribe, tongue and nation will bow down and worship You.

Isaac Henry Jones was dedicated to the Lord on October 25. The blessing and charge from our new pastor, Jim Johnston was this: "Isaac was the son of the promise and his name means laughter. Henry comes from the German and it means ruler of the household. Isaac Henry may your life bring Christ's joy to many as you serve the household of faith." What a special time with our eternal family! Children truly are a heritage from the Lord.

And lastly, Grandpa Jones went to be with the Lord on October 31st. We were able to be there when he took his final breath. What a moment. We were in the presence of glory. We don't know exactly how it happens...if the spirit flies up, or angels come and escort, etc. but we do know our sweet grandpa, a faithful servant of Jesus was ushered into the presence of the Holy of Holies and we were present when he left for his glorious home. Kyle's dad and his siblings officiated the service. The church was full of people that were touched by the life of Dr. Ray and were undoubtedly given the grace and truth of God. What a heritage we've been given. We sat down for dinner after the service and Hudson looked at the people sitting next to him and said, "Do you know Jesus?" May we faithfully share the message we've been given. May our children be faithful to the calling that their great-grandfather strived to proclaim as the sole purpose of his life. I long for the day when death will have no sting. When it will be conquered. When we will be reunited at the wedding feast!