Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kapsowar Video

Hey Everyone,

Check out this cool video. It is from the missionary family that was formerly at Kapsowar Hospital, the place where we are going. Anyone want to come and visit?!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Precious Than Silver

This week we accepted an offer on our house! We praise the Lord for His faithfulness to provide for all of our needs. I had some mixed emotions. I love this little house of ours. I remember the first night we slept in "our very own house" almost 7 years ago. There are so many memories tied up in this little old house of ours...

When Kyle told me that they accepted our counter-offer I started crying. You see they negotiated our swing set. I couldn't help, but remembering watching Kyle and some of his buddies building that and how excited Hudson was the first time he got to go down his slide and fly in his rocket. And I wanted to hold on so tightly to this precious possession of ours.

Everynight when I put my boys to bed I sing a few songs...and that night I sang to Jude "Lord you are more precious than silver". Tears started streaming down my face and Jude noticed my voice change. He looked up at me and said "crying". He took his little blanket and wiped my tears and put his head back on my chest as I finished the song.

So bottom line, the sweet Holy Spirit reminded me that nothing on this earth compares to Him. Not tattered old houses or well loved swing sets. And I count it a joy to spend my life sharing Jesus with others so that they may know nothing this world has to offer compared to knowing and walking with Him.

Jones Update

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, a lot has been happening in our life right now…

First of all, we have a new member of the family! Isaac Henry Jones was born on May 31st, 2009 about 3 weeks early, our smallest baby yet at 5#7oz. He is a little guy but strong! He has recently been diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) in his heart. The cardiologist will continue to monitor him and is very hopeful that the hole will close on its own without surgery. Hudson and Jude love him so much and are wonderful helpers.

Another new beginning in our life is my graduation from Family Medicine Residency. It’s official, the many years of training are over and now starts the “practice” of medicine. I guess doctors are always learning. It has been a privilege to train at a Christian program that really taught me how to combine my faith with medicine. I will be working at the same clinic where I did my training here in Tulsa for the next 5 months and then…

We plan to leave for the mission field in early January 2010. We will be working with World Medical Mission (WMM), a branch of Samaritan’s Purse, at a mission hospital in Kapsowar, Kenya in Africa. We were accepted into WMM’s 2-year Post Residency Program which will provide for some of our financial needs and offer training and mentorship as we get started. We are very excited to see the Lord fulfilling this vision that we have both had for a long time. The Lord’s calling was clear and we are ready to follow His lead. I will be working in a 100-bed hospital with 2 other missionary doctors. We will have the opportunity to minister to the hospital staff, patients and surrounding community. We can’t wait to see how much fun our 3 boys are going to have playing with all the other kids. Hudson already calls himself a missionary. Vanessa is excited to begin homeschooling our kids and getting involved with women and children’s ministry. We certainly covet your prayers and support as we prepare for this next step in our lives. We are tremendously grateful for your prayers and encouragement over the years.

We would love to have you partner with us in our ministry. We need a team that will faithfully pray for us as well as individuals who could support us financially. Enclosed is a response letter. If you have further questions we would be happy to share more about our ministry with you. If you would like to continue to receive our newsletter please send us an email.

In His Service,
Kyle and Vanessa Jones
Hudson, Jude and Isaac

Prayer Requests:
· Pray for the people of Kenya whom we will serve and the hospital in Kapsowar.
· Pray for our preparations to go: spiritual, physical, emotional and financial.
· Pray for the hole in Isaac’s heart to heal and for the health of the rest of our family.