Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pokot Trip and Well

Last weekend we took another trip down to the valley to see the Pokot people. God certainly was with us and the trip was a big success. For one, the vehicles made it safely there and back which is always a big blessing. The team all did great and we were able to see many patients and immunize children. I think the stories that struck me most this time were of 2 ladies. One of the ladies I saw in the clinic and after I had treated her medical complaints I asked her if she knew the Lord Jesus as her Savior. I was happy when she said yes and I asked her when she got saved. She said, "the first time you all came!" What a joy it was to me to see some of the fruits of the ministry. The second lady was a home visit that I did that night after the clinic. She was too sick to travel the long way to see us, but she had sent her son to come ask for help. I went with the Kenyan missionary pastor Stephen and we drove as far as we could then walked to her house. I found her very weak and in need of medication and fluids. I treated her and we prayed for her to be healed. The pastor told me that she had no real means of survival because her husband had married another wife and was no longer taking care of her. Her son was all she really had. We told him to come to the village where we were staying the next day and get some of the food that we had brought for them. I saw the boy in church the next day and he told me that his mom was already getting better. Plus the pastor said he will be looking after them. It reminded me of how in need the Pokot people are of a Savior. Join me in praying for them and helping in the ways God shows us.

One way God has opened for us to help them is the construction of a well. These people go through long periods in the year where there is practically no water. It gets very dry there and the people really suffer. I recently got in touch with another missionary that has been in Kenya over 30 years and now does drilling for wells. We also know that availability of water is a key first step if we want to build a clinic for them. So I have asked Samaritan's Purse headquarters for permission to do a well project and it is approved! We found out that the drill will be available by next week so we plan to get started right away. We will also install an electric pump with a generator because of the site where it is we will need to pump the water up a hill slightly so that it can flow back through gravity into the future clinic. The project will cost $10,000 and will be paid for 50/50 between us and a fellow missionary we work with here in Kapsowar, Dr. Christina Francis. The money for the well has already been raised last year by our generous donors so thank you and praise the Lord. We also want to build them a clinic and the final cost for that project is not back yet, but we trust the Lord will provide even if we have to build it slowly. I have been meeting with key interested people including the committee of community members that we formed so that their input will stay in the forefront. The picture below is of our first official meeting that we had underneath a tree.

I am really amazed at how God is moving in these projects. I will keep you all informed of the progress and post pictures as soon as I can. We appreciate and plead for your prayers.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Just in from the Jones'

In case you haven't heard we are expecting our 4th child. For me this has meant the early pregnancy "funk". It includes nausea, vomiting, unpredictable emotions and pure exhaustion until about 20 weeks. I am now about 21 1/2. This hopefully explains the lack of posts on the blog. Sorry. To try and recap the last 2 or 3 months is overwhelming. I'll give you a few highlights and then get a fresh start. So here it goes...

~We have had visitors.
~Matt and Lindsey King came in February. They are a couple from In His Image almost ready to graduate. We had such a sweet time of fellowship with them as they served with us here.
~Kyle's parents came at the end of February to middle of March. It was nice to have the comfort of family around. We also took a much needed vacation to Lake Nakuru for a little safari. You can see the details of their trip on their blog at: You may actually see a few pictures of us if you have forgotten what we look like.

~Hudson turned 6! We had an awesome party. It was completed with Hudson standing on Jimmy the goat's pen thanking everyone for the best birthday he has ever had. And that everyone was welcome to come inside and play with all his toys as long as they wanted. Keep in mind there were about 30 kids in attendance. We are thankful for this little boy who continually teaches us the secrets of the Kingdom of God. He is such a gift to us!

~Kyle's cousins Craig and Lydia came for a long weekend after doing a fruitful ministry around Kenya with their church. The boys so enjoyed having a cousin to play with. And we did too!
~We got a washing machine! Woo Hoo! I've never been more excited about a household appliance in my life. The boys are definitely 3rd culture kids as it provides them with entertainment.

~We found out we are expecting a GIRL!!!! We are absolutely thrilled for this new addition! Jude and Hudson have named her and we agree with their choosing. Ariella Grace. Ariella means "lion of God". Which we think is quite fitting for a little girl born in Kenya in a house full of brothers. Yesterday Hudson asked, "Will our baby sister have brown skin when she comes out since she will be born in Kenya?" I told him, "No her mom and dad have white skin so she should too." Hudson says, "What happens when an American marries a Kenyan?" Here we go. The baby looks strong and healthy. Continue to pray for her. Pray she will stay in my tummy until term.

Ministry is still going strong here in Kapsowar. We lost one of our Kenyan medical officers, which means Kyle is on call about 4 of every 7 days. Some nights aren't so bad and some are really challenging. He perseveres and serves the Lord diligently and with great joy. There is another outreach trip for the Pokot people scheduled for next weekend. Pray for them and the decisions about the clinic. Also we have no vaccinations to bring at this point. Pray we will get some by next Friday.

The boys are doing quite well. Hudson is closing his Kindergarten year. He is doing wonderfully. We are sending him to the local Kenyan school for about 2 hours in the afternoons. We pray he is a light to his teachers and classmates. A couple months ago he came home and told me about a boy who drew a funny picture of his face. The teacher found it and said he would be caned (physically punished). This is still a common practice in the schools in Kenya. His teacher asked Hudson what he thought and Hudson said to her, "I would really like to show him mercy. Please don't cane him."

Jude is growing more tender by the day and goes on journeys to Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret or El Dama Ravine almost everyday. He packs his backpack, finds some keys and sets off in the great outdoors for his daily adventure.

Isaac is a joy to all he meets. He never meets a stranger. Praise the Lord we got report that his lead levels in his blood went down. He is growing and talking more and more each day.

We are thankful for the blessings of these little boys who are teaching us new things everyday. We are grateful that they are a part of our ministry here in Kapsowar.

Thanks for your love and support! We are truly grateful. Stay tuned...more blogs to come!