Monday, September 28, 2009

Just in Case...

I ever forget the power of the body of Christ. Or that God cares about the details of my life. Or that the Lord wants us to be in Kenya. I want to record the beauty of the Lord's goodness and provision this last month.

~We sold our house with just a "For Sale by Owner" sign and only 1 open house. All in 1 month.
~We had to replace the roof and fix the windows, but with the insurance it was completely covered.
~We needed a house to stay in by September 12 and the Lord provided an amazing missionary house for us that opened up on September 2. Which is right across the neighborhood from Kyle's parents.
~Our dear friends the Humphreys provided a moving van, movers and storage for our furniture.
~The Duinincks are allowing us to keep our furniture in their basement during out time in Kapsowar.
~Leah came over and worked like crazy to help me sort, throw and pack my house. I couldn't have done it without her!
~My precious neighbor, Marceta, watched my boys countless times so that I could accomplish such a task in such a short time. All with joy.
~My mother in law, Marlene, came over and let the boys spend the night at her house so we could work into the late hours of the night. Never once complaining or letting on how tired she was. And then watched them the next week while we went to WMM orientation.
~The profit from our house was within $100 of the repayment of my student loans!

Praise the Lord with us! Remind me if I ever question God's amazing power and love.

We are now settled for a few months here in Broken Arrow! Things are coming along. Thanks for all who are following and supporting us in this journey!

Good report from Isaac's cardiologist. He had no concerns about us leaving for Kenya. EKG looks good. Still a murmur which indicates the holes have not closed yet. Next appointment in November. Keep praying with us that the holes will close on their own.
And Jude had a really fun 2-year-old birthday party with Diego in our new house.