Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Life in Kenya

Sadly, one of the most frequent hospital admissions we have here at our hospital is from people who try to end their life by taking poison. Last week we had a young man named Richard that had decided his problems were too many and tried to end his life by this method. Fortunately, he was brought in soon enough by his family members that we were able to save his life. He was unconscious for about 2 days before he woke up. On the third day I saw him and asked him what had been going on in his life that made him want to end his life. He stayed pretty generic and just said family issues. I told him that I may not be able to solve all of his problems, but I could tell him about someone who could help him. He said he knew that he was not a christian and that if he would have died he would not have gone to heaven. He listened very closely as I proceeded to tell him the good news of the gospel. In the end he told me that he was ready to give his life to the Lord and start a new life. His brother, who is a christian and an elder in the local church where he lives, was there and was smiling really big. He and his christian mother had been praying for him for a long time. I had the Kenyan nurse that was translating for me pray with him in his language to ask Jesus into his heart. It was really special and exciting for me to see. I also asked one of our chaplains to come and visit with him and confirm that this was truly a sincere decision. He told me later that he thought the man was really ready to accept the Lord and that he knew the local pastor in his village so we will be able to follow-up with him to see how he is doing. Today in our family devotions we read the story about the 4 seeds and I was reminded that Satan loves to come in and snatch up the seed that was sown. So pray with me for Richard as he is a new young believer in Christ. I told him that he should now go and tell others about how God saved him from death and truly gave him new life.


NHP said...

Amazing! Thank you for sharing. What a precious story and we will be praying for his new life in Christ.

Unknown said...

Praise the Lord! How Cool to see a precious soul come to an understanding of his need for Christ to save him. Thanks so much for posting the story. God is Good!

Tom and Cheri' said...

Great story. God is so good. By the way, I tried to find how I can donate that money for Jonah's insulin and couldn't find info on the WMM site. How can I do that? Take care and God Bless.
In Christ,

Learning 4 Life said...

Thanks so much for sharing... that story sent chills down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. Blessed be the name of the Lord! said...

Praising the Lord that you reached out with the Gospel to that man....How wonderful!
Also, on the way back from China, a young Korean man was in front of me, very long story short, he is was coming to Tulsa to interview for the Medical program Kyle was with..cant remember ....oh brother I am so old.....anyway, he was staying with friends of yours here and we ended up taking them to TBC with us......he talked to your dad Kyle. It was really cool.....oh I just remembered In His Image:) I knew it would come to my memory....:) Now you know what you have to look forward to when you are old:)