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Kapsowar Video and Newsletter


Here is a link to a slide show that we put together summarizing our past year in Kenya. We are currently back in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but plan to go back to Kapsowar, Kenya in July 2012. We are trusting the Lord to help us raise a financial and prayer support team. I will also put our latest newsletter on the blog as well in case there are people that would like to see it that didn't get one. We can also add names to the list if people want to get our letters in the mail, just contact us by email at kvhjones@sbcglobal.net We have really enjoyed our time back in the States so far and are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. We appreciate our financial donors so much. If you desire to partner with us in our ministry gifts may be sent to:
In His Image International
Attn: Stewardship Department
PO Box 1191
Tulsa, OK 74101
You can now donate Online at:

December Newsletter:
Keepin' Up with the Jones'

Wow, the Lord has really been faithful to us as we have served Him here in Kenya these past 2 years through Samaritan's Purse. Now we are coming home to raise support and come back again next July. Many of you know we were given the opportunity to serve here through a special program for doctors who have just finished their residency. Samaritan's Purse helped us with some funds during this time, but during this next phase of our ministry we will have the opportunity to trust the Lord for our salary through friends, family and churches. So if you would like to start partnering with us, now is the time! We have included a response card for you to give either one time or monthly gifts. While we are at home we would like to meet with each of our supporters to say thank you and share with you more about our ministry. We will be staying in Tulsa, but are looking at other possible trips. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone!

As far as our last few weeks in Kenya, we had a lot going on. Our last weekend here we went on our last Pokot mobile clinic weekend. This trip was our biggest ever with 26 people, 3 cars, 4 times stuck in the mud and other fun surprises. We also took along a camera crew from Samaritan's Purse so they could see the progress of the clinic we are building. It will be fun to see the video and photos soon on their website, www.samaritanspurse.org The clinic foun-dation is done, praise the Lord! And we have already purchased the 10,000 bricks for the walls. We are just waiting on the rains to stop so the roads can get better. We have made arrangements for the work to continue even while we are in the States so that is very good.

Pokot Clinic Under Construction

The well is still underway, but they have been having many problems with break-downs, hard rock, etc. So please keep praying for that. We had a great time looking at the progress and praying at the site. The clinic went very smooth and the people said again how thankful they are to have doctors coming who not only treat them with medicines, but also pray with them.

Hudson Teaching in Pokot Sunday School

Our Local Church

My last week at the hospital was also very fruitful with taking care of patients. November was one of our most busy months for delivering babies and the majority of my time is spent doing the c-section deliveries. I am so thankful to Dr. Nicoll and others at In His Image that trained me to do that surgery in my residency. It has been one of the favorite parts of my job here and a real need in our community. Many moms fail to deliver at home and then are brought to our hospital for surgery. I am always happy to see healthy babies and moms knowing that without the surgery many of them would likely not survive.

C-section in New OR

For those that it is too late and their babies have passed we have the opportunity to minister to them in the name of Christ and bring hope that if they know the Lord Jesus as their Savior they will see their babies again in heaven. Ultimately, the gospel is the reason why we are here in Kenya and the reason why we want to come back for another term.

On the home front, we had a fun time at Hudson's graduation from Kindergarten. We have been homeschooling him in the mornings and for a couple of hours in the afternoon he gets to go to the local Kenyan church school. It has been good for him to socialize with the Kenyan kids. They had a special ceremony and we were so proud of him. Pretty cute kid!

Hudson at Kindergarten Graduation

Ariella is still a big hit with the Kenyans especially some of the women that work in our home. Isaac continues to melt hearts with his big bear hugs. You'll often find him telling his friends and family "I love you too!" And Jude's daydreams have finally come true when he got to pack his backpack to actually take to America. The other day we had all the mission station workers in our home to say thank you. We have been so blessed in this place.

Mission Station Friends

We hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God bless you,
The Jones Family
Kyle, Vanessa, Hudson, Jude, Isaac and Ariella

U.S. Address: 22129 E. 62nd Street Broken Arrow, OK 74014
Kenyan Address: Kapsowar Hospital PO Box 68 Kapsowar 30705 Kenya, East Africa
Email: kvhjones@sbcglobal.net
Keep up with the Jones' at: www.joneshousehappenings.blogspot.com
"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples."
- 1 Chronicles 16:24

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