Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up Up and Away!

Praying at the airport

Today is departure day! We are on our way to Kenya!

This is our itinerary:

Tulsa to Minneapolis - Northwest Airlines Flight 5087
Departs 11:40 AM Arrives 1:47 PM

Minneapolis to Amsterdam - Northwest Airlines Flight 258
Departs 3:25 PM Arrives 6:40 AM

Amsterdam to Nairobi - Northwest Airlines Flight 8565
Departs 10:20 AM Arrives 8:25 PM

HERE is a link to a flight tracker sight where you can enter our airline and flight number and find out the progress of our trip.

Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!

Pictures from Kelly at the airport...
Isaac is pretty sure he can take on the world right now.
Jude's got a plan. He's going places.
Hudson is a little nervous but excited.
Pray for Hudson especially since he really felt the weight of leaving his cousins and friends for two years. He was very sad this morning.


Christina said...

Praying for Hudson - he looks so sad in that picture :( He won't be when he gets here, though. He has many playmates waiting for him.
I CANNOT WAIT for you guys to get here! It's going to be great. Hope your travels are going well!

Ashley said...

Wow, Jude looks so much like Hudson in this picture!