Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Is It!

On the plane as I looked at all my boys sleeping I thought, "This is it"! Not because the Michael Jackson movie was available for viewing, but because this is what the Lord has been preparing for us our entire lives! And even though there were tears and heavy hearts as we departed Tulsa, I knew without a shadow of a doubt we were in the direct will of God! I also believe that if each one of my boys knew what an adventure these next 2 years would hold they would have chosen it for themselves as well!

We had a sweet time in Nairobi with Uncle Marv and Aunt Jan. They are such servants! Highlights include: Jan's gourmet cooking; spending almost an entire day in the immigration office going from window to window not knowing what in the world was going on; going to a Chinese restaurant where we sat outside where there were tons of toys, a playground, a jupiter jump (complete with an employee whose sole purpose was to take off and put on the kids shoes every time their little hearts desire was to get on and off) and petting a real life cheetah!

We flew into Eldoret (2 hours away) and were greeted by our friend, Christina, who is the OB/GYN post resident in Kapsowar! She drove up in the hospital ambulance! She escorted us to town to buy an internet modem and then onto a grocery store to shop for food for a month (talk about meal planning)! She then took us on a tour of the hospital and introduced us to many of the people that work at the hospital as well as the sweet kids that live around here.

So I seriously have the backyard of my dreams! The view is incredible-no picture could do it justice! I also have the neighborhood I always wanted for my boys. I was unpacking and looked out back and saw a crowd of new friends for the kids to play with. Complete with amazing smiles and much laughter! Hudson even taught the kids the game of "tag". And Jude began telling each of them "And my name is Jude" as he shook their hand.

We had a lovely dinner at the Rhodes home. It is a welcoming environment with warm people. We have spent the day unpacking our 16 bags. Lauren is now on her way to the operating room to witness a c-section and the boys are waking up from their naps. Hudson and Jude will be waiting for all of their new friends to come home from school so they can play in the freedom of their new yard where everyone wants to play!

~Our luggage arrived safely
~Sweet friendships with grown ups as well as children
~A beautiful 3 bedroom home
~Peace that we are in God's perfect place for us
~Good quality time for Kyle and I
~Lauren arrived safely and is a huge help
~We found our camera charger

Prayer requests:
~Good sleep for all: Hudson has been waking up with "growing pains" and Isaac is up quite often thru the night (looks like he is getting 3 teeth)
~My dad is getting surgery today on his eyes. May he read this blog tonight and be comforted by the Lord's provision and His healing hand! Love you dad!
~God would open our hearts and eyes to each ministry He wants us to be a part of

We love you all and thank you for your friendship and constant support!

We're having some trouble with loading pictures, but we will get some up as soon as possible.


Shannon Pierce said...

I can't believe it. You are there. Your post is so inspiring, so encouraging. I am so glad you all arrived safely and are assured by the Lord that you are exactly where he wants you. Love you so much.

Em said...

Vanessa, it is so good to hear from you all! It sounds like God has worked out the details really wonderfully. I'm so happy for you all. Its so great to hear how Hudson has already been so friendly. I know this will help him adjust more quickly. I'm continuing to pray for you all, and I know God's hand is with you. Love you.

Sarah said...

Can I just say how jealous I am? (In a good way, but still, I would so love to be there.) Praying that all of you will settle in smoothly and be mightily used of God. The boys have been praying at night that Hudson and Jude will not be sad and will have new friends. They will be so excited to hear about the answer to prayer! Love you, The Moffatts

Kelly said...

Beautiful. As always. Love you. Miss you.

NHP said...

Hello sweet friends!
Glad to see you all arrived safely. You were on my heart and mind over and over. Don't they say something like "parting is such sweet sorrow." I think that you and all of your family/friends understand this meaning. We are so proud of you for following in God's perfect plan! What an awesome example.
I am glad to read of the unspeakable joy He has brought your family. Praying for all the 'details' of life to settle in and to know that you are home.
Can't wait to see pictures.
Love you,

Travis and Marlene said...

Oh, what joy this brings to my heart to hear how well you are doing, and how you love it there, and that the boys have friends!
But I miss them so much, and both of you too!
Love and prayers,

April said...

So, did you watch the Michael Jackson movie "This is it?" How was it Kyle?

the man in the mirror,


Unknown said...

YAY!!! So happy to hear the good news! I have the weather and the time in my i-touch so I look at it 25 times a day. .makes me feel a little closer to you guys! Love you!

Chloƫ said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so happy to hear that everyone arrived safely!

Still praying,

April said...

Thanks for the awesome post! It's great to hear how wonderful you are doing and know God is hearing our prayers for you. Love and miss you.

We are the world,


Amanda said...

Tulsa is not the same without you all. I miss you a bunch!! I wasn't sure if you had the same email or not, so I sent you a message on facebook, Vanessa. Love you guys. Can't wait to hear more!!!

3kidmama said...

I recently came across you blog while looking for some new blogs for Kapsowar.
Our 17yo daughter Hannah will be arriving this weekend with Dr Tom Howard and 3 of his children. I thought Lauren might like to know the teens are looking forward to getting to know her(that's your helper's name right?)
Hannah was born in Costa Rica while we were in language school. We then served in Honduras until my heart problems returned us stateside. We have 3 daughters, and how well I remember that whole process of packing for the field, the goodbyes, and the excitement of finally arriving. We have 3 daughters who were about the ages of your boys at the time - I'm glad you have help while you get set up! At any rate, just wanted you to know our family (and the Howards) have been praying for your family too. In Him - Lois Patton now in Minnesota.

Learning 4 Life said...

You and your family are such an inspiration to all. I know that God will abundantly bless you for your service and commitment to Him. Bless you... you're in our prayers!

Denise said...

Hi everyone! I have already viewed your blog but I brought Grandma today. She had her first radiation treatment. Have had another snow event but everything else is the same. I love you all and so does Grandma and she askes about you often as do the girls @ work. give the boys 2 hugs easch from us.
Love hugs and kisses,Mom and Grandma

Sarasa99 said...

hey Kyle & Vanessa, thank you for your post. I am excited for what you guys have in store for you. I have no doubt that it will be hard... I have utmost confidence in both of you, that you will serve well and glorify Him well during your time there. I miss you guys. L`dogg