Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day Trips!

We had an amazing weekend! We finally were around to explore the beauty of Tenwek. There is an incredible water fall that generates power for the hospital and surrounding areas. We were filled with visions of young and old carrying huge packs on their backs up an down this hill/mountain. It was so picture perfect.

On Sunday we were given the honor of attending a nationals church. The genuine sincerity of their service was heart warming. They had one instrument, a keyboard. We were very late (because the Matatu-taxi) was late. We came in and I hurriedly sat down next to my husband. Kyle whispered to me..."Look, I think you are supposed to be sitting over there." The women and the men sat on separate sides of the sanctuary. I was emabarrased and immediately got up and sat on the other side. Marlene whispered to me, "I thought you may have just been trying to be rebelious." Most of you know that is not me at all. We were then each asked to give a word to the congregation. I spent some time outside with Hudson and Jude. Most of the children followed me. It was fun. Neither of us understood a word the other was saying, but each of us were filled with joy and entertainment as we sat and played together. This was the first day that I saw Hudson growing a little weary of all the attention. He didn't want his photo taken and he seemed a little hesitant to play and sing as normal, because he always has an audience.

We were then invited to have lunch at Alfred's home. Alfred is an intern here at Tenwek that Kyle has been working with. He actually was his doctor for a week as Alfred had malaria. Alfred has a beautiful wife, Florence and two children Abigail 5 and Lucas 2. We were treated like such royalty. It was a humbling experience as their nephew came around to us with a sports coat on with a pitcher of water and a bowl for us to wash our hands. Florence prepared a beef stew with rice and chipates. She never made it to eat with us. The reason why...I found her in her kitchen. Her kitchen consists of a hut with a wood fire in which she has 2 pots to prepare things with. She washes her dishes behind the hut with a water spout. There is a tiny little bed for Lucas to lay in there...I guess she spends quite a bit of time there. They grow crops on their land that helps to support their family. They have a great vision for their community. They are trying to reach the young people so that they can reach their parents. There is an alcohol problem in the area. On our walk to his home we encounter 2 very drunk people. They also plan to give their land to be used for a children's home as their is a growing number of orphans due to AIDS and alcholoism. Behind them lives a 100 year old lady. She was so joyful and beautiful. She reminded me so much of our sweet, 103 year old neighbor Nora. She has physical and mental strength. She was truly honored to have us visit them. She said in all her years she had not had a "Wazungo" (white person) visit her home. Again we are taught something so huge about the culture and how much we have to learn. I pray that I show as much love, hospitatlity and honor to those that step foot in my home. By the way...Florence finally joined us for chai and we had a sweet time of prayer for them and their community.


Ruthie said...

Oh how powerful and emotional are your words. What an incredible experience you are having. From your letters I can see that you are a Titus2 woman for sure. I am loving reading all your letters and look forward to each and everyone of them. We are continuing to pray for you all and know that God is working through and for you. Much love, Ruthie

Unknown said...

Never seen you so happy! And Jude looks healthy and so much like his mom these days! Hope you all have renewed energy this day!!

Adam, Natasha, Avi Joy, Nehemiah and Karrington said...

Great Pictures Vanessa and I just love reading your blog each time you post. They are so transparent.

What a different world. Never having a white person come to her home. I know you left a loving impression of us white folk.

I was thinking about you first thing this morning! You may be off to bed, I pray your strength will be renewed...

Today is Avi Joy's 2nd birthday. I cannot believe it! Each day gets better and better.
I am headed to CBS to speak this morning. I have butterflies, but I know there is a message of freedom in this talk that these women need to hear.

Good night sweet friend!
p.s. Avi Joy loved the stamps off the postcard, she ate them for a snack. : )

Anonymous said...

So cool. I'm so glad you're having so many experiences. I'm smiling at you sitting on the wrong side...not like you to rebel! LOL. An honest mistake...so you didn't stay to give a word? Did Kyle?? So interesting!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your posts & pictures. Each day I eagerly check your blog for new posts!! & each time I see the sweet postcard you sent I pray for you. :)
Thanks for being such a faithful witness to the world.