Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Mighty Warrior

From the moment of conception a mother's life is changed. I have learned so much from my firstborn, Hudson. From an early age he displayed a tenderness for the Lord and the things of God that truly bring me to my knees. Here are a few stories that may touch your heart for God's kingdom.

~One day he and I were having lunch together. He was probably 2 1/2 years old. For dessert we were having oranges. His favorite fruit. We had been talking about heaven and what it looks like. He was describing his tree house and what my house would look like right next door to his. Then he asked, "Do you think there will be oranges in heaven?" I replied, "Of course, the best oranges you've ever tasted!" He then stood up on his chair, raised his hands in the air and said, "I just love you God! Thank you for making the oranges!"

Lesson: To praise God without shame for the smallest of blessings.

~When Hudson was about 3 1/2 years old our church had a day of prayer for the persecuted church. We were on our way to lunch and he was asking lots of questions. We tried to explain to the best of our ability to him what it was that was happening that day. He then suggested we should pray right away. He was the first to begin to pray, "Dear Lord, will you please help the bad guys that are being mean to the Christians. Help them be good and know You."

Lesson: Pray for your enemies and those that persecute you. (Not just for your own well-being or the protection of those you love.)

~Recently when we came back from America he was really missing all of his cousins. We were writing letters asking them to come and visit. Praying for them at every meal. Out of no where he said, "I really miss my cousins and I wish they would come. And I really wish we could live in Oklahoma again. But I would really be sad if none of my Kenyan buddies were in heaven. So I think we should stay and keep telling them about Jesus."

Lesson: You must deny yourself and leave those that are dearest to your heart sometimes.

~We have been listening to the Adventures in Odyssey series by tape on our many long road trips to Nairobi. We were listening the the story of Esther. After Haman was executed Hudson said, "Wow, that's really sad. Haman died without ever really knowing the one true God."

Lesson: Vengeance is the Lord's, but shouldn't we be seeking to find one lost sheep and bringing him to the saving knowledge of Jesus? Again, loving our enemy.

Kyle and Hudson worked through a devotional Bible called "God's Mighty Warrior". Hudson loved it. It talked about being a gentlemen, a man of God, fighting for God's glory and doing lots of cool boy things. I could see the lessons really taking shape in his life.

~One weekend Kyle was asked to "compare notes" at the local mosque. The elder men were in town recruiting new members. Kyle bravely accepted the invitation. The boys and I prayed all weekend. Before bed, (when we knew Kyle was there) Hudson said, "Mommy I can't wait to go to battle with Daddy someday with my Bible."

Lesson: Do not fear. Speak boldly. Put on the full armor of God and go to battle.

On Halloween Kyle knighted Hudson. He also had a little Kenyan ninja sidekick aka Jude. Each piece displayed the armor of God. And we prayed for him to continue to be a mighty warrior for Jesus.

~Just yesterday we were finishing the story of Moses. They had just crossed the Red Sea. Hudson's Bible talked about the song of praise Moses sang after they had been delivered to the other side of the sea, but it did not say the words to the song. He wanted to know what the song said. I got up to get my Bible, but then he began to sing his own song of praise for the mighty work God had done for the Israelites. I looked at him in amazement and saw he had tears in his eyes. I asked him if he was ok and he said, "Yes, I just wish God was here right now and I could see Him." If he only knew how present God was in that moment. I could feel Him smiling at His servant.

Lesson: If you want to enter the Kingdom of God you must become like a child.

May your heart be challenged by the faith of this child. God's mighty warrior.


Kelly said...

I just love Hudson! What sweet "teach" moments. Give him a hug from me. (And hug Jude and Isaac from me too!)

NHP said...

Precious sweet Hudson. Can't wait to see the mighty princess warrior who will do battle along side him. You are raising amazing men! Praise the Lord.
Love you each so much.

Travis and Marlene said...

How PRECIOUS is Hudson's heart for God! (reminds me of Kyle at that age, really sensitive to the needs of others). Hudson, God is doing great things through you and your family!
Missing you all and praying! Love, Mom (Grammy)


Thanks Hudson....I am working on them all, but am reminded in lesson #3, that where I am is good.

Em said...

Thanks, Vanessa for sharing these sweet moments and lessons! I'm so thankful that God raises up our children to speak truth into our lives. He is also very blessed to have you as a mommy! It is always good to get a peek into your lives. Miss you so much, and love you!

Unknown said...

Wow. Thanks so much for sharing these precious glimpses of Hudson's soft heart toward God. Praying for your family!