Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tiger Magic

On September 5, 2008 (Happy Birthday Laurel), on an unusually cool day in Tulsa, we hopped in the car and headed to the Broken Arrow vs. Union game. We traditionally go every single year. Each year, I wonder why we torture ourselves because it has be at least 19 years since Broken Arrow has beat Union. Half time always makes up for the bummer of a game. But this year was different. The streak has been broken and the Tigers clobbered those Redskins!!
24-9! As I sat there watching the game and daydreaming (which I usually do during all sports events) I went back to my high school years. I remembered the lifelong friends that I made that were a family to me when mine was broken. A family that took my hand and put it into the hands of Jesus. They showed me how to be loved and to love as Christ compels us to. I remember those high school years so clearly. I was at every football game because I played the clarinet in the marching band.

**Side note**
And I must take a moment to tell you the Broken Arrow Pride is truly the grandest band in all the land (not just for its honors-we were always the underdog during my years). I made the best of friends and the sweetest of memories while committed to the Pride. Broken Arrow is an unusual school. The band kids aren't outcasts. Most everyone finds their niche and is accepted for who they are. I know, I know they aren't as cool, but they aren't the stereotypical band nerds either. Case in point...on Friday night after the game was over and the crowd rushed the field in great excitement, the football players ran over to the band yelling & cheering, helmets high as the band played the fight song over and over. They appeared to recognize their faithfulness as fans all these years through victories and many defeats.

Anyway, I remember those days when I only knew when to cheer because everyone else around me started to. Or when Betsy, our drum major, raised her arms in preparation for us to play. I used to sit in those bleachers and dream about what my life would be like. The Lord gave me visions that I have seen fulfilled. I graduated from college and spent my short career outside the home serving women and children who were hurting. I am married to the most amazing husband, my best friend, the Christian boy who played the saxophone right alongside me during those years (who taught me a significant lesson about football fields-if you are curious ask me about it sometime). Being blessed with 2 children of my own. Going overseas to serve people for the Lord with my family. I cherished the memories made Friday night, watching Hudson chant "B-A, B-A, Broken Arrow Tigers" with his cousins. Watching Hudson running as fast as he could, tackling Kyle once he was let loose on that giant field. I was in awe as I watched Jude mesmerized at the band's half time performance. Oh, what a faithful God I serve. Thank You for giving me vision, for fulfilling those precious dreams You gave me and for walking with me in times of trial and times of joy. Thank You Jesus for making my life here on this earth so much more beautiful because of your handiwork.


Kelly said...

Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful! You are a natural at this blogging thing! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! Oh I wish I could have been there w/ ya'll!!! go BA!! let's catch up soon friend.

April said...

Thanks Vanessa giving me a glimpse of what seeing BA finally beat Union was like! And how awesome to be able to look back and see how the Lord has blessed your life since those years back in the band at BA! Did you ever think you were playing in a band with your future husband? Cool!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I think I feel that way about basketball games! It is beautiful to see where God has brought you and how His hand has been on your life this whole time.

Unknown said...

Vanessa!!! So nice to read & share your memories--and your last post-too cute!! I wish I could have been there, too!!

Alecia said...

I want to know about the football fields...maybe the next time I call you I can get in on that story 8-) Way to go BA!!! I was thrilled when they beat Union...but I'm always thrilled to see Union lose!