Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun in Nairobi

We've had an amazing, jam-packed last 2 days! We visited our first African church. It was a sweet and refreshing time with beautiful Kenyan voices singing loudly to the Lord. The pastor spoke frankly regarding the recent crisis and the church's responsibility. We prayed for the nation of Kenya. Please pray for them as well. The Kenyan people were so hospitable. Hudson threw up all his breakfast in the back of the church and they were there right away to help us clean it up. He still perservered and attended children's church and had a blast! Even though he is frowning in the picture. We were then invited for some Kenyan tea in a shed behind the church. Kyle and I are growing and learning new things from the Lord each and everyday. We are challenged by the missionaries we meet to serve selflessly and be good stewards of our time and money. We proceeded to have some authentic Ethiopian food that we had to eat with our fingers! Today we did all sorts of touristy things. Visited the swanky mall, the giraffe conservation park, the safari walk and a local bead factory store. We were exhausted. I'm continually amazed at how God has given us such flexible kids. Jude still struggles in the evenings-keep praying for him. Tomorrow we head out to Tenwek by plane. We are so excited to begin serving. We may not be able to post the next couple of days. Until then we are praying for you all too!


TheCeiba said...

Have a wonderful time. Tell Hudson and Jude that we are VERY proud of them! May God grant you success in this next phase of the trip.

Anonymous said...

Did Hudson get a bug or something? Poor kiddo. I miss you like crazy (cue the music). I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Are you sleeping??? I will keep praying for Jude.

Anonymous said...

We are enjoying your blog page. It's so neat to share in your special journey. Noah loves to see Hudson's pictures.

Love ya,

Amy and Noah

Unknown said...

The raffi picture-4 of my favorite people with my favorite animal!! I am so happy to hear your happiness!I am certain you are spreading it to others! love you!

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys. I gave Pam and Debbie your website. Plan on taking Grandma to the library so she can see your pictures. took her to see bonnie in the hospital tues. Raining here today. Is jude doing better?
Love Mom

April said...

HI Kyle and Vanessa, Hudson, and Jude! WE miss you! And Ezra misses Hudson at church especially. We are praying for you. Send us an e-mail soon so we can find out how you are doing!